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As an engineering-driven customer-focused company, we strive to master every detail about light therapy, the practical applications of PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and every detail about all the PBM options.

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Spec ReGen Pod Q8 NovoThor® TL360 Prism®
Power Input 7600 2400 4500 1700
Wavelengths 633, 810, 850, 940 630, 660, 850 633, 810, 850, 940 630, 650, 850
Pulsing /Continuous Multi-step with Pulsing & CW CW Only Yes CW Only
Communication WiFi + Bluetooth None Bluetooth None
Pulsing Frequencies 1-50,000+ Hz None 10 - 5000Hz None
User Interface External 11" kiosk & 7" Internal touchscreen On/Off Switch, Timer and turn off IR Front mounted touchscreen No
Sound Bluetooth & Internal Meditation Tracks No Bluetooth No
Dosage Delivery Rate High Medium Low Low
Estimated Prices $89,500 to $109,500 $120,000 to $140,000 Approx $75,000 70,000
Cloud connected device Yes No No No
Adjusts for user size & skin color Yes No No No

Compare to High Intensity and Cold Therapy Lasers

Spec ReGen Pod Q8 High Intensity Cold Therapy Lasers
Power Input1 2400 Nill Nill
Wavelengths3 630, 660, 850 Nill Nill
Pulsing /Continuous CW Only Nill Nill
Communication None Nill Nill
Pulsing Frequencies None Nill Nill

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We think that buyers should know every option before they make such an expensive purchase so we will want buyer to understand how our product stacks up again the competition.

There are definitely some companies that try to keep buyers in the dark about their options but we feel that anyone who does their homework will see that the ReGen Pod is the best system that you can buy.

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The Roots of PBM pods

The first FDA clearance was issued for a cold laser in 2004 and they were widely used outside of US for decades before they became popular in the US.

There are lots of manufacturers making great cold lasers and most professional lasers are cleared for use in treating pain, increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.

The development of higher quality whole-body PhotoBioModulation (PBM) devices is a logical extension of the cold laser market.

Because there is currently a lot of misinformation about which factors are best for cellular stimulation, reviewing the history of therapy laser can be extremely valuable.

Criteria Class 1 Cold Laser Class 3 Cold Laser Class 4 HILT Laser ReGen Pod
Risk of Eye Damage Almost Impossible Low High None
Nill Nill Nill Nill Nill
Nill Nill Nill Nill Nill
Nill Nill Nill Nill Nill
Nill Nill Nill Nill Nill