The ReGen Q8

With Stim-Cell™ technology, the ReGen Pod is unlike any other PBM device on the market.


By relieving pain and inflammation, increasing longevity and maximizing performance, it will elevate your body to its maximum potential.

More About ReGen Q8

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Stim-Cell Technology

“Stim Cell Technology: Precision Through Dosage Pulsing, Wavelengths, and Evolution.”


“Stim Cell Technology, a cutting-edge therapeutic paradigm, is defined by the intricate interplay of four foundational pillars: pulsing frequencies meticulously calibrated for precision, therapeutic-grade dosages ensuring optimal efficacy, strategic selection of wavelengths for targeted cellular interaction, and a continuous evolution guided by scientific advancements. This sophisticated fusion of pulsing, dosage, wavelengths, and adaptive growth underpins our pro-grade approach, setting new standards in precision medicine and therapeutic excellence.”

The Highest Quality Pod

BioPhotonica is a engineering-driven customer-focused company that is dedicated to producing the absolute best light therapy systems.


The overall light therapy market is growing but it is sometimes being dragged down because of all the poor quality products on the market.

Your Custom Media Kit

The ReGen Pod is, without except, the state-of-the-art in PhotoBioModulation (PBM) but high-intensity LED light arrays are new and many people have mainly been exposed to under-powered light systems that don’t and technically can’t deliver results like the ReGen Pod.


This negative history can make it a challenge to marketing and educating the general public about this new generation in high-intensity PBM.

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