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BioPhotonicais the manufacturer of the ReGen Pod, ReGen Laser and ReGen Panel.

Our Values

Biophotonica designs, builds and sells the best science-based PBM equipment in an ethical manner and using the best practices in the healthcare and wellness markets. We are driven to help as many people as possible to improve their lives through PhotoBioModulation (PBM).

Industry Knowledge

With custom written protocols, our systems continue to evolve and improve in live time.

Scientifically Proven

With custom written protocols, our systems continue to evolve and improve in live time.

Customer Commitment

With custom written protocols, our systems continue to evolve and improve in live time.

Our Mission

Our mission has and always will be to help people find solutions to their health issues. To touch the lives of many, to bring hope to those who feel there is none, To grow awareness of the power and benefits of PhotoBioModulation (PBM).


There is no higher calling than bringing meaningful, affordable, health and wellness care to our community. Our Dedicated team includes Tom Rebman, Ken Teegardin, Geoff Strevey, Ira Barron, Nick Cable and David Tate, PHD.

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Core Values



We are drive to build the highest quality PBM system and we always remaining honest to our patrons and ourselves.


Servent Leadership

Our team is Dedication to educating professionals and consumers alike to the key elements of PBM. Yes, we also like to sell pods, but we also love training and helping people live better lives more.



In this world of hyper-marketing, we treat people like we want to be treated, with truth, respect and honor. We are in this field for the long-term and we are commited to helping spread the benefit of PBM to the greater community.

Our Journey

Then, in 2016, one of the oldest laser companies, created the first commercial pod. I was so excited. I traveled to the nearest location to try it but was horribly disappointed. The design had flaws, and the price was too high. I knew I could design and build a better Pod. I started writing the specifications for the PBM pod everyone would want. When my first version came in, it too was disappointing. It didn’t produce enough energy, the pulsing was poor, and its construction quality even worse. While others are out selling this pod that failed my tests, I wasn’t going to do so.

I realized I needed to take more control over the design and manufacturing. To help me, I brought in another pair of “Bad Knees” from the volleyball team, Tom Rebman (Tulane) to run the company. In full disclosure, Tom’s bad knees may also have come from too much snowboarding in Sorrels. Tom’s EE chops (Bell Labs, Qualcomm) made him the perfect complement to help me build the best PBM pod on the market. Still, we needed help on that corporate formation thing, so a third pair of “Bad Knees” from the team (including a quadricep tendon ripped from the kneecap on a jump up to smash a #5 set) and fellow Holmdel Ski Club buddy of Tom’s, Ira Barron (UPenn, UCLA), joined as our business advisor.

We started the 3-year process of bringing the pod design up to the highest standards (8,000 watts of power, independent wavelength pulsing, quality control). Timewise, this put us way behind much of the competition, but we feel like it was worth it to build the best.  Those poorly engineered pods on the market just don’t deliver the kind of results our practitioners and their patients and clients see with the ReGen pod.

Now, BioPhotonica builds the best pods in our Colorado manufacturing facility, and we deliver results unseen in any other pod.  We understand that there are lots of option out there but if you really care about getting the best results, the ReGen Pod is the option to choose.

ReGen Pod Inventor

My Photo Biomodulation (PBM) journey began with my love of volleyball and its wear and tear. Even our Boulder rec center league team, “12 Bad Knees”, paid homage to the problem. Two knee surgeries only made things worse. My first exposure to red light therapy came around 2005, with an Apollo 4-watt laser. Where the surgeries hurt, the Apollo laser helped. I was hooked and began selling PBM lasers. I’m a mechanical engineer (Georgia Tech) and worked as an engineer and corporate executive in the industrial automation and military markets with an expertise in ISO certification. I applied these skills to the PBM laser market, reading everything and analyzing each of the lasers on the market, separating what works from the industry’s excessive marketing hype. I think this science-based approach helped me become the country’s largest on-line seller of PBM lasers.

Still, one aspect of PBM bothered me. While lasers, with the body penetration advantages of coherent light, works well for discrete damaged areas, all the cells in our body produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and ATP \ flows throughout the body. Broader whole-body PBM stimulation should bring whole-body improvement in a way that lasers can’t.

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