The ultimate whole-body photobiomodulation pod

The world's most powerful fully programmable quad-wavelength Pulsing and CW light Pod

The ReGen Pod is "Light years ahead of the Competition"

The ReGen Pod is the only pod system based on Stim-Cell® Technology and it is simply the best "commercial grade" full body multi-modality Pod on the market. It is an FDA registered Pod with 4 independently controlled wavelengths of light, employing both pulsing and continuous wave (CW) output and utilizing similar wavelengths to the defacto standards set in the cold laser market. In addition, the ReGen is the only PBM Pod that is WiFi connected and allows for advanced multi-step programs to be built from our huge library of pulsing presets. The ReGen Pod also tracks system performance and tracks anonymous user statistics which allows for the system to be regularly monitored and improved. Our software-driven tool gives users more control, more power and more flexibility than any competing product. When it comes to photobiomodulation, the ReGen Pod is the state-of-the-art.

Stim-Cell® Technology

Stim-cell® Technology is a cutting-edge medical-grade solution that combines:

  1. 360° of high-intensity LEDs to drive specific wavelengths of Red and Near Infrared (NIR) light deep into to tissue to trigger a photo-chemical reaction in the Mitochondria to release Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).
  2. Multiphase complex pulsing programs "recalibrate" your cells to a more normal state similarly to how an acupuncturist will fix problems energetically.
  3. Optional synchronized sound adds an new dimension to cell stimulation (as shown in recent Alzheimer's study). Combining selective use of light and sound (including guided meditations) provides a complete solution to a wider variety of health issues.

The concept for the ReGen Pod came out of years of working directly with cold lasers and Photobiomodulation therapy (PBMT). After successfully helping tens of thousands of individuals with PBMT, laser and light therapy equipment, we have seen what works and what is pure hype. With the development of the ReGen Pod, our goal is to build the ultimate tool for those who want an unattended whole-body PBM chamber. For many years, people have been asking for a commercial quality system to do unattended higher dosage PBM so we weeded through all the conflicting marketing, pseudo-science and wild claims to build a high-intensity LED device based on the core technologies and best practices of PBMT. Our product clearly distinguishes itself from other systems on the market because it is a software-driven system based on established standards for PBMT. Here are some of the highlights:

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Maximum Flexibility

The ReGen Pod Q4 and Q8 include a free-standing wireless 12.9" graphical touchscreen kiosk for control of the system. The system can be setup through software configurations for a variety of applications. Here are just some of the options:

Self Serve Adaptive: For self service, users simply enter the phone number or other access code for their account and then select from a list of assigned programs. This setup will adapt the program to the users specific needs based on skin color, size and other factors. This allows user tracking for billing purposes and also allows the Pod to monitor system performance for each user.
Picking form a List: In an unattended facility like a health club, users can simply get in the pod and select from a list of installed programs. This list can be edited remotely and allows users options without the overhead of a manager checking every usage. In this setup, the owner should set the red safety interlock to ON so that no user can pulse the red wavelength at a frequency that might cause a seizure.

Full Featured: In a professional environment, the kiosk allows owners to quickly select from a set of pre-programmed programs or create custom programs in less than a minute. In this setup, the owner has total control over every parameter.

In all cases, the kiosk allows voice-controlled music to be played through the speakers inside the ReGen Pod (Apple Music Membership not included) or people can simply attach their phone to the pod using Bluetooth. The kiosk is the perfect way to manage the pulsing presets, build programs, setup users, and view usage information and statistics on your system. Our software-driven flexibility in setup gives owners an incredible level of control over how they implement their ReGen Pod.

The Benefits of the ReGen Pod

Working at the cellular level, Stim-cell® therapy offers both short-term and long-term benefits. The ReGen Pod is FDA registered for:

  • Treating acute and chronic pain relief
  • Treating acute and chronic inflammation. Many autoimmune diseases are made much worst by chronic inflammation.
  • Increasing circulation

Research using the basic buiding blocks of Stim-cell® therapy and Anecdotal evidence show promising results* for:

  • Increased athletic performance
  • Increased cellular activity
  • Increased health-span
  • Improved mental ability and decreased TBI limitations
  • Increased collagen production

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. You can review the science behind stim-cell® therapy at our service partner website, Lighthouse Health.

A New Level of Photobiomodulation Control

The challenge in photobiomodulation has always been delivering an appropriate dosage at the right wavelength with the best pulsing frequency in a reasonable amount of time. Before the ReGen Pod, many PBMT systems failed across the board. Delivering higher dosages with a laser can be a safety issue (because the energy is too concentrated) or too expensive (because the process requires someone to operate the laser) or the system does not have the flexibility to provide the best results. With up to 8,000 watts of power and over 15,000 diodes, our systems can safely deliver higher dosages like the most expensive class-4 laser systems and do it in a low-cost unattended session.

After developing and documenting PBMT resources for over 10 years and working with thousands of professionals, it became obvious that professionals and users need more flexibility to setup the system to meet their needs. Many professionals put all the emphasis on the wavelength of the light, others put the emphasis on pulsing and still others on dosage (total amount of light energy). The ReGen Pod allows users absolute control of all three. Using a building block system of pulsing presets and multi-step programs, users can control every critical variable when creating new programs.


The top of the pyramid is user specific programs. Each user can have unlimited programs. Each programs adapts the standard "Level 2" programs to the specific user based on skin color, patient size, and current needs.

The programs include one or multiple pulsing presets and the execution time for that preset. A typical program might start out with 3 minutes of Nogier A (IR wavelengths only), followed by 2 minutes of Schuman C (all wavelengths 85% Power level) followed by 4 minutes of Relaxation (at 50% power level for 635 and 810nm only). Some presets sweeps multiple pulsing frequencies over each wavelength to add more flexibily. These standard programs that can be used for any type of user.

The base of the ReGen Pods programs is the pulsing presets. Each preset defines the on/off status of each wavelength and the pulsing frequency in Hz for each wavelength. Pulsing preset can also control the power level of each wavelength. Users can create their own or choose from dozens of factory presets based on the works of Nogier, Schumann, Fuchtenbush and other greats. They are organized by names and they are the building blocks of the any PBM program.

Multi-wavelength Complex Pulsing

For cosmetic systems, just turning on some red LEDs continuously seems to be enough but the ReGen Pod is based on some of the most advanced light technology available. For many years, companies like Avant®, Multiradiance® and Erchonia® have used an advanced systems to pulse different diodes at different pulsing frequencies to provide an additional benefit beyond dosage. The ReGen Pod takes this concept to the next level by allow each wavelength (of the 4 wavelengths) to be individually controlled in pulsing frequency. For example, programs can include the visible wavelengths at more 50Hz (to avoid the potential for seizures in some individuals) but many experts recommend pulsing frequencies below 60 Hz for many application. The ReGen Pod can pulse the 630nm at 60Hz while pulsing the 810nm at 10Hz, the 850nm at 33Hz and the 980nm at 6Hz. Complex combinations like this provide users with total control over every factor. Because the system allows multiple steps in a single program, one session can scan through dozens of pulsing frequencies. Even in the high-end laser market, no one allows this level of control.

You might think that all this flexibility makes the system hard to learn and use. Nothing could be further from the truth. The existing pulsing library already includes all the well established pulsing patterns in a huge database with descriptions of how the original developer and why they developed the pulsing frequency. There is no need to look through volumes of book on pulsing frequencies. Just browse the library and pick the best presets from the experts to build a new program with multiple steps. The library includes information about many of the most well documented pulsing frequencies. On any remote access device including the kiosk, you can quick build a new programs using exiting presets or create your own. A new program can be created in seconds, not hours using our powerful library and the graphic touchscreen control makes the process quick and easy.

The ReGen Pod Digital Light Engine

ReGen Pod RenderThe ReGen Pod is unlike any other system on the market thanks to its patent pending digital light engine. In addition to giving users total control of the critical factors in PBM, the ReGen Pod also increases the safety and durability of the system. The ReGen Pod allow user to select any pulsing frequency from 1 and 10,000 Hz. Because many of the experts in pulsing technology recommend pulsing at lower frequencies in the 2 to 60 Hz range that can cause seizures in some light sensitive people, the ReGen Pod has a safety overrides to allow this when appropriate or turn it off as desired. The Pod allows users under supervision to execute programs in this lower pulsing range. If the the system will be used in an unattended environment, the safety override will not allow the RED wavelength to pulse in a frequency range that can cause seizures. Without this feature, users could be exposed to pulsing frequecies that can cause a seizure.

Another feature of the ReGen Pod light engine is soft-start and soft-stop on all programs. Systems with a hard start and stop can the hammer the LEDs with a large spike in power at the beginning and end of the program. This power surge can reduce the life of the LEDs. At the beginning and end of every program the ReGen Pod slowly ramps up and then down the power level to avoid damaging spike. This can increase the life of the system when compared to other systems.

The ReGen Pod Light Engine is the cutting edge because it is cloud connected. Our design allows a higher level of control over all the variable involved in PBM but it also allows for continuous improvement. At any time in the future that a break-through in PBM occurs, the ReGen Pod can be automatically updated overnight to always be up-to-date and always producing the best results. Other machines can easily go out-of-date if the are not out-of-date the day they ship to a customer. The ReGen system allow the factory to communicate with the Pod so that the system performance can be monitor and continuously improved.

The cloud connected access of the ReGen Pod also means that the factory can communicate with the Pod and check the status of many critical factors. If there are problems with the system, many of the problems can be solve immediately with a software update. If the factory finds there is a hardware issue, the modular design allows the factory to overnight an appropriate replacement part. This means less downtime than other systems and the ReGen Pod is always be up-to-date and always getting better.

The ReGen Pod digital light engine architecture includes:

The Reged Pod App

Another great feature of the ReGen Pod is the owner's app. The app can be downloads to your phone or tablet and it allows owners full access to all the setting for the pod including user management, status reports and managing your custom libraries. This app can be used on both Apple (iOS) and Android devices.

Apple App Store Android App Store

The Best Return on Investment

Although helping people feel better is the highest priority, we realize that everyone who buys a pod must look at the Return On Investment (ROI) potential of the system. Because the Q8 ReGen Pod is the most powerful Pod in the world, it allows for the system to deliver the same light dosage that that competing 2000 to 4000 watt pods in 1/2 to 1/4 the time. This means that a Q8 system can treat 2 to 4 times more users every day and that means that the ReGen Pod can generate 2 to 4 times the revenue stream of any competing pod. Of course the short wait times are great for facilities without scheduling but the real advantage is in maximizing the revenue per day by treating more people in each pod. If you also factor in that faster treatment times (for the same dosage), busy facilities will require less pods with less square footage and less overhead than any other system. That means that the Q8 will pay for itself 2 - 5 faster than any other Pod.

Combining all this power and flexibility means that the ReGen Pod is the technology and ROI leader in the industry. If you want the most flexible, powerful, safe and high-quality light pod on the market, you want the ReGen Pod.

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