Pam Gold

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Get to know Pam Gold, a visionary who defies conventions and shapes the future of fitness and wellness. From her upbringing on a New York apple farm to her groundbreaking contributions to the fitness landscape, Pam’s journey is marked by unwavering passion and transformative drive.

In 2018, Pam founded HACKD Fitness, NYC’s pioneering biohacking fitness studio. Recognizing the demand for cutting-edge technology in fitness, she introduced data-driven Minimum Effective Dose workouts and revolutionary recovery methods. But Pam’s vision extends beyond the ordinary.

The rebranding to PRTL in 2019 signaled a new chapter, aligned with the launch of the much-anticipated 2.0 location. Unforeseen challenges arose with the pandemic, prompting PRTL to pivot swiftly and embrace a virtual strategy – a testament to Pam’s commitment to serve, even during adversity.

Pam’s pursuit of innovation continued in 2021 with strategic collaborations, including partnerships with Frequency Breathwork Studio and a recovery facility. These alliances showcase her dedication to elevating the fitness and wellness journey of the public.

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