Dr. Clayton Shiu

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Dr. Clayton Shiu is a leading figure in the integration of acupuncture and Western medicine, driving transformative patient outcomes. With a Bachelor’s in Human Physiology from Boston University, a Master’s in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and a Ph.D. in Acupuncture and Moxibustion from Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr. Shiu’s educational background is rich and diverse.

Specializing in Nanopuncture®, Neurological Acupuncture, Sports and Orthopedic Medicine, Taiji, and Kung Fu, Dr. Shiu’s expertise extends across various fields. He has shared his insights through podcasts like “Botanical Biohacking: Biohacking Stroke Recovery,” “Botanical Biohacking: Biohacking Pollution,” and “Pinpoint Performance.”

After establishing a thriving sports and orthopedic clinic in NYC, Dr. Shiu pursued a Ph.D. through a Chinese government scholarship. His journey continued under the guidance of prominent TCM teachers, including Dr. Shi Xue Min, a stroke specialist. His doctoral research focused on acupuncture treatment for cerebral, neurological, and speech disorders. This led to the creation of “Nanopuncture®,” a distinctive treatment fusing Western neuroscience and acupuncture.

Returning to NYC, Dr. Shiu employed Nanopuncture® to successfully treat neurological disorders. In 2019, he founded The Shiu Clinic, pioneering the fusion of neuroscience, acupuncture, and advanced photobiomodulation technology.

Dr. Shiu created the Nanopuncture® stroke and neurological rehabilitation system and imparts his expertise through certification courses across the U.S. His breakthroughs were showcased at the 2020 International Acupuncture Conference in Tianjin, China. He also teaches stroke rehabilitation courses at institutions like the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences.

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