How Light Therapy Works?

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Light Therapy harnesses the natural phenomenon of photobiomodulation to rejuvenate our bodies and reduce inflammation, improving our overall health 2,5,6,10,12. The team at Lighthouse Health are experts in science and technology, and this article will explain how Light Therapy works to help boost your overall health.

“Light Therapy restores health in our bodies — all the way down to the mitochondria in our cells.”

Light Therapy works through the key modality of photobiomodulation, or how certain types of light affect our biology — specifically, our mitochondria 2,5,6,10,12. Our cells produce life-sustaining energy at every second 2,6. As we breathe in oxygen and digest food, parts of our cells called the mitochondria create a chemical compound called adenosine triphosphate (ATP)2,6. Our cells use ATP as energy to keep our organs functioning and our bodies moving2,6.

As our mitochondria produce energy from oxygen, they also create a byproduct known as reactive oxygen species (ROS)2,6. These ROS can be healthy in moderation, as they can help us fight off sickness and help damaged cells heal 2,6. However, repeated exercise or untreated diseases can keep our cells from clearing excess ROS efficiently, causing them to build up in our cells 2,6.

When ROS builds up, our bodies experience inflammation, a series of cellular responses to tissue damage or infection2,5,6,10,12. Much like ROS production, inflammation can be healthy in small amounts2,5,6,10,12. However, chronic, unregulated inflammation can lead to pain, reduced ability to heal and recover from injury, and other long-term effects, including pain, accelerated aging or cognitive decline1,2,4-10,12,14. Keeping ROS and inflammation in check with Light Therapy may be a good way to protect us from harmful ROS buildup and inflammation2,5,6,10,12.

The Medical Process of Light Therapy
Light Therapy aims to reduce oxidation (that is, ROS buildup) and inflammation using the natural interactions between light and our biology2,5,6,10,12. Science shows us that light can behave like a wave of energy, traveling until it can be absorbed4. Different wavelengths of light contain varying amounts of energy — for example, blue light is made of shorter, higher energy wavelengths, while red light consists of longer, slower wavelengths4. Each wavelength of light can affect our biology differently, but Light Therapy works with red, near-infrared, and infrared light2,5,6,10,12. Scientists have shown that red light, near-infrared, and near-infrared light between 600nm-1,000nm can safely pass through human skin and break up ROS buildup inside our cells2,5,6,10,12. Harnessing light within these wavelengths through medical-grade full-body pods and cold lasers can provide access to Light Therapy’s anti-inflammatory health benefits3,13.

Lighthouse Health: Experts on Light Therapy Technology
Lighthouse Health uses the latest and safest technology available to provide the benefits of photobiomodulation through Light Therapy3,13. Some of Light Therapy’s uses and therapeutic effects include:
Pain relief. Light Therapy can help us heal from pain due to inflammation2,5,8.
Reduced chronic inflammation. As a side-effect free treatment, Light Therapy can help treat chronic inflammation before it leads to serious health issues2,5,8,14.
Enhanced muscle recovery. Using Light Therapy after strenuous exercise can lead to faster recovery and help build our muscles to be stronger9,10.
Increased brain function. As we age, our cognitive function slows and declines, and Light Therapy can slow and in some cases reverse that process1,7.
Slowed aging. Aging comes with many ailments, and Light Therapy can help treat symptoms as they arise, leaving us feeling rejuvenated and more youthful11,12,14.
To provide these therapeutic benefits, Lighthouse Health carefully chooses the safest and most effective biomodulation devices, including full-body pods (the RegenPod) and cold lasers (only FDA-registered, safe and effective lasers). Here are some quick facts about the specific devices that Lighthouse Health that we are excited to share with you!
Lighthouse Health uses the RegenPod Q8, a medical-grade whole body LED-based PBM pod. This full Light Therapy pod bathes the user in red and near-infrared light, helping to relieve pain and inflammation across the entire body 3.
We also provide cold laser treatment with the EVOlaser (Gen 2) Class-4 Therapy Laser System, a portable way to target inflamed areas of the body13.
Our team of experts and engineers leverage innovative technology to provide our customers with the best possible Light Therapy experience. We carefully adjust the dosages, wavelengths, and pulses of red and near-infrared light for each customer and follow strict, risk-free procedures that best provide the benefits of photobiomodulation to our customers3,13.

How can You Experience the Benefits of Light Therapy?
Lighthouse Health is excited to offer light Therapy on our CO location — Book a session with Lighthouse Health today to experience the rejuvenating effects of Light Therapy! To learn more about the latest science and tech in Light Therapy, check out our educational content and follow us on social media here.

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