ReGen Pod Testimonials

For many years, I was huge fan of the "market leading" light therapy bed and I focused my business on bringing laser therapy and light pods to the masses. After over year travelling around Colorado with 2 pods in a trailer, we opened up our first storefront. About this time, I learned about the ReGen Pod so we opened our first light lounge with 2 of the "market leading" systems and one ReGen Pod. The "market leading" pods are more expensive so I had a lot more money invested in those systems so I was really pushing them hard. However, in very short order it became apparent which was the preferred system. People were literally fighting in the parking lot over who would get to use the ReGen Pod next while the other pods set empty. This trend has continued. We are getting 10 times the traffic in the ReGen Pod that we see in the other systems. The ReGen pods are really just that much better
- David Martin (LightLounge.Life)