Wavelength Control 

Different wavelengths of light penetrate to different depths of tissue as shown. Researchers and clinicians have concluded that there is what is commonly known as the therapeutic window between the NIR &IR range (650nm - 900nm).


Centered within the therapeutic window and shows the highest efficacy in causing the photochemical reaction that is PBMT. Positive results in research are centered within the therapeutic window to have the best.


Show the highest efficiency of conversion of photons to chemical energy, not heat. This is why the ReGen Pod has a majority of its power in these wavelengths. 


There are also several successful US manufacturers that say 600nm to 660nm is the best wavelength. This wavelength absorbed more by the melanin in the skin and by the blood. This band is the most accepted wavelength for cosmetic applications (stays closer to the surface) and it does have some interesting properties. Many of the companies that focus on 600 to 660nm shift the emphasis to pulsing the diodes and not dosage. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that this is true so we also included independently controlled diodes at 630nm.


Slightly above this wavelength is the 900nm to 980nm range. This range is the dominant choice in US made high-dosage class-4 systems or High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) devices. Originally equipment was built in these wavelengths because the diode were really cheap because they are used in high volumes in surgical lasers (Early on, you could not even buy a 10 watt 810nm diode). This wavelength is much less efficient than the 800nm range at pushing the energy deep because 900 nm to 980nm is outside the therapeutic window because it naturally excites water molecules so much of the energy is converted into heat. 

Stim-Cell Technology ®

LED Driven

360° of high-intensity LEDs Drives specific wavelengths of Red and Near Infrared (NIR) light deep into to tissue to trigger a photo-chemical reaction in the Mitochondria to release Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). With systems ranging from 3.5 million milliwatts (3500W) to 8 million milliwatts (8000w) of continuous wave power (most lasers are speced in milliwatts), the ReGen Pod makes up for the inefficiencies of LED technology to deliver appropriate dosages evenly distributed over the entire body. Even if LEDs are only 1% as efficient as laser, the ReGen Pod Q8 would be similar to an 80 watt laser.

Pulsing Protocols

The ReGen Pod can start out with continuous wave on all wavelengths for 2 minutes, then it can follow it with pulse all the IR bands (not the red) at 10Hz. We often do not want to pulse red band below 60Hz can cause it can cause seizures in epileptics. Then the system can pulse all 4 bands including red at 60,70,80, and then 90Hz. Then we might just to pulsing only the 810nm and 850nm at 500Hz for an overall boost. The can just select from a list of preprogrammed programs or create a custom one in just a few seconds.

4 Wavelengths

We use a custom combination of red and infrared wavelengths (630nm, 810nm, 850nm and 940nm) optimized for PBM and not cosmetics or marketing purposes. If you want blue, green, yellow, and purple lights, go to the disco. If you want a photo-chemical reaction, our blend of red and infrared wavelengths is based on the best practices and most established research in PBMT.

Sound Integration

Optional synchronized sound adds an new dimension to cell stimulation (as shown in recent Alzheimer's study). Combining selective use of light and sound (including guided meditations) provides a complete solution to a wider variety of health issues.

Optimum Dosage

 For every device on the market that delivers an appropriate dosage of light energy, there are hundreds that don't even come close. Because of their low powered LED's, many LED systems cannot deliver an adequate dosage even if you were to use them 24 hours a day. With up to 8000 watts of total power output, our systems are capable of delivering dosages faster than other PBMT devices.

Software Driven

Unlike older hardware based technologies, the ReGen Pod is cloud-connected and uses propriety software that allows the ReGen Pod to continuously improve. Our architecture is built from the ground up to give users control to set software variables to customize the system for their needs. Our system offers huge possibilities for adapting the pod to your needs. This also means that as the technology evolves, the ReGen Pod will evolve too. Since the system is cloud-connected, upgrades to the system can be done overnight.


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Common Inquires

Like Anything, frequency of use is different for each individual. For first time users we recommend 3 times a week on average. For those who have more serious and urgent health issues, once a day will provide the maximum benefit.

You should refer to our Blog & Research Page. Here we have highlighted blog posts as well as one of the largest data bases for studies in relation to all things PBMT. 

Most people are familiar with tanning beds that use UV light to darken the skin and to release vitamin D. This wavelength of light is also well known for its ability to cause skin damage, accelerate aging and help cancer grow. This is why the American cancer association recommends sunscreen to block this portion of the sun’s spectrum. Although it has some positive applications, humans should avoid this wavelength in general.

The ReGen Pod avoids these wavelengths and uses both Red (637nm) and Near Infra-Red (NIR). Red is the wavelength used for most cosmetic applications, but it is also commonly used for therapeutics including wound management, dermatitis, and collagen production. It is also nice that it is visible so you can see when a therapy device is turned on.
Invisible NIR light, especially at 810 nm, has the best depth of penetration in tissue of any wavelength. This energy is within the “therapeutic window” so it is very efficient at being driven deep into the tissue where is forms a photo-chemical reaction (not a photo-thermal reaction). We also use 850nm and 940nm as they are within the “therapeutic window” and add some wavelength diversity.

Infra-Red light (starting around 950 nm) light is commonly used in surgical lasers because it is rapidly turned into thermal energy (heat) that can be used to cut tissue. Any photons that are converted into thermal energy cannot be converted into chemical energy, which is what we really want. Most Saunas operate above 950 nm so they are really heaters and not PhotoBioModulation (PBM) devices.

PBMT is FDA registered as an inflammation control device so this will be the primary benefit received. That being said, shorter recovery times, reduction in pain, increases in energy, and improved sleep are some of the main benefits you should expect to see. 

There are short and long term results we achieve when using the ReGen Pod. Following your appointment it is common to receive a boost in energy and mood, this can be as immediate as 5 minutes after your treatment. Longer term results like pain reduction and inflammation control are most often achieved after using the device 3-6 times.  

Our Blog & Research section of our site as well as online videos can be great sources of information when learning about Photobiomodulation. We are also more than happy to speak over the phone and in person about any questions you may have regarding PBMT.