Compare the ReGen Pod to other PBM Options

As an engineering-driven customer-focused company, we strive to master every detail about light therapy, the practical applications of PhotoBioModulation (PBM) and every detail about all the PBM options. We think that buyers should know every option before they make such an expensive purchase so we will want buyer to understand how our product stacks up again the competition. There are definitely some companies that try to keep buyers in the dark about their options but we feel that anyone who does their homework will see that the ReGen Pod is the best system that you can buy. Based on our years of experience supporting and training thousands of professional in the area of laser therapy and PBM, we know what it takes to make a great Pod and because our system is the only cloud connected pod, it continuously get better every day.

The following is a brief comparison of the ReGen Pod to several other pods. We wish we could publish more details but we are legally limited and we can not print the real names of the competition due to copyright and trademark requirements. The specs shown are from published documents and websites and are not guaranteed. They are listed for comparison purposes only. Please confirm the competing specs yourself and don't buy a system until you understand how these features and specs affect performance.

Compare to NovoThor, ARRC , TL360, Prism or All pod.

ReGen Pod Q8
Power Input1 7600 2400
Wavelengths3 633, 810, 850, 940 630, 660, 850
Pulsing /Continuous Multi-step with Pulsing & CW CW Only
Communication WiFi a,b,n + Bluetooth
Pulsing Frequencies 1-40,000 Hz None
User Interface External 12.9" & 8" Internal On/Off Switch, Timer and turn off IR
Internal Sound Syncronized Sound & Bluetooth & Playlist No
Dosage Deliver Rate 2 High Medium
Estimated Prices $89,500 to $109,500 $120,000 to $140,000
Cloud connected device Yes No
Adjusts for user size & skin4 Yes No
Internal library of pulsing presets Yes No
Internal library of programs5 Yes No
Wireless remote control6 Yes No
Complex and Sweep pulsing Yes No
Multi-step protocols Unlimited No
Independent wavelengths Yes No
User tracking7 Yes No
Integral video conferences Yes No
Cloud troubleshooting & repair8 Yes No
"Future-Proof" updates9 Yes No
Safety over-ride for seizures10 Yes No
Remote program creation Yes No

1. The power input is NOT always proportional to light output. .If the power input is really low (like 1800 watts), even perfect LEDs can only produce so much light. This can indicate an underpowered system. Some higher power systems also produce low light density because they use poor quality LEDs.

2. Contact us and we will loan you a standard light meter (or tell you where on Amazon to buy one) so you can confirm that the ReGen Pod delivers about 5 times the light density of other pods and about 50% more light than a" Novo" Pod.

3. Research shows that 810nm has the highest depth of penetration of any wavelength but 810nm diodes are much more expensive than 850nm. The ReGed has 25% at 810nm. Red (500nm to 700nm range is more superficial so it is better for beauty applications and will not deliver results like an 810nm system.)

4. It is a best practice in the laser therapy industry to adjust for patient skin color and size to make sure that the dosage is appropriate. You see this on all the top quality therapy lasers.

5. ReGen pod programs are built from a combination of pulsing presets. This allows owners to quickly build multi-step timed programs by dragging and dropping pulsing preset into a protocol.

6. Owners can remotely mirror the display inside the pod so they can check user status from a front desk or back office.

7. As an option, users can create personalized account on the network that will track which protocols they use. This allow owners to see reports on usage, preferred protocols and other data to help manage their business.

8. Because the pod is cloud connected, the factory can log onto the system and repair many problems using over-the-air (OTA) software updates. This reduces downtime and allows for continuously improving system performance.

9. While other pods are quickly going obsolete, the ReGen Pod keeps getting better with OTA software updates and the system is evolving as we learn more about the pod industry.

10. Many of the best pulsing options are less than 60Hz. This range can trigger seizures in light sensitive people so the system has a safety feature that allows some users to have low frequency pulsing while other are safely locked out.

As you can see in the table, the ReGen Pod is Light Years Ahead of the Competition™.

No other system gives you the flexibility, control and power of the ReGen Pod.

FYI, we are very grateful to the "Novo" for proving that customers will buy a whole body photobiomodulation systems. They really proved the need for a higher-powered, high-quality PhotoBioModulation system. If you have seen one of the competing pods, it might be hard to believe all the extra technology that goes into a ReGen Pod.

If you are confused about another pods that looks similar to the ReGen Pod, please check the specs and features carefully. They might look similar at first glance but they are radically different.

Compare the ReGen Pod to High Intensity and Cold Therapy Lasers