BioPhototonica & ReGen Pod

BioPhotonica owns and operates ReGen Pod and serves as a parent company to ReGen.

Biophotonica is design, build and sell the best science based PBM equipment in an ethical manner and using the best practices in the health field. We are driven to as many people as possible improve their life through PhotoBioModulation.

Our mission has and always will to help people find solutions to their lives that they haven't been able to on their own. To touch the lives of many, to bring hope to those who feel there is none, To grow awareness of the power and benefits of light therapy; to illuminate your path to health. There is no higher calling than bringing meaningful, affordable, care to our community.


Never losing sight of our mission and how we got here. Always remaining honest to our patrons and ourselves.


Dedication in our craft, focusing the same level of detail on big and small decisions. Providing you with the best possible experience.

Servent Leadership

Humbling ourselves to work for our communities everywhere always putting their needs first. Serving the common good.